ICB Wayland

Arabic Classes for Adults

Learning Objectives:

The course is designed as a simple and easy guide to enable/assist adult English-speakers to understand the complexities of the Arabic language and the use of its grammar. The goals of this course are:
  1. to assist students to understand /read/memorize Qur'anic verses and ahadeeth,
  2. to teach the use of an Arabic dictionary to search for the meaning of words,
  3. to enable students to pronounce and understand Qur'anic verses they have already memorized,
  4. to practice Arabic writing, and
  5. to learn Tafseer of Quran
The course is designed for beginners (adults, age 18 and up). All the course material is provided by the instructor.


  • The classes will be held on Sundays from August-December, 2016.
  • Enrollement has started. Students need to register by sending an email to AdultArabic@icbwayland.org by no later than August 1, 2016.
  • Students need to indicate their goal/expectations as well as their level of knowlege of the Arabic Language, e.g., no knowledge (Beginner), or intermediate (can read Quran without Tajweed) or advanced( can read Quran with Tajweed but need to know Quranic Grammar and tafseer).
  • The Arabic Beginners class will start Sunday, August 7th to December 4th (16 weeks) from 3:00-4:30pm.
  • The Advanced Class will start on Sunday, August 7th to December 11th (17 weeks) from 5:00pm-6:30pm.


    Class meet in Rm # 205 on the second floor.

    Tuition Fee:

  • $100.00 for each level. Paid in advace and made payable to Islamic Center of Boston.
  • All course material will be provided by the instructor.

    Class Rules:

    The following rules are strictly followed:
  • No children are allowed in the class.
  • After three missed classes, the student will be terminated from the class and will need to return the class material to the instructor.

    Instructor: Soheir El Ebiary:

    Dr. Soheir El Elbiary is a retired nurse educator and Oncology R.N. For the past 15 years, she worked as an Oncology and bone-marrow transplant/chemotherapy specialist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. She also taught nursing and health subjects at several nursing schools and colleges.

    She obtained her M.S. degree in Nursing Science from School of Nursing, Boston University and a Doctorate in Education and Curriculum Development from School of Education, Boston University.

    After her retirement, she has resumed her passion for teaching and has decided to teach Arabic and Qur'anic studies for English speaking adults with little or no knowledge of the Arabic language.

    For questions, comments and to enroll please contact Dr. Soheir El Ebiary at AdultArabic@icbwayland.org.