ICB Wayland



Parking is always challenging during Eid celebrations. Please read and follow the instructions below.
  • There will be volunteers to facilitate parking. Their instructions must be followed by all. No exceptions please.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes before the 2nd or 3rd prayer's scheduled time, please proceed directly to the overflow parking areas (shown above) as ICB lot will still be full with cars from earlier prayers.

NO PARKING AREAS (Police will take notice, ticket and tow. ICB may be restricted from holding major functions in the future.)
  1. No parking at Temple Shir Tikva (they have their school graduation).
  2. No parking on Route 20 (state highway rules apply).
  3. No parking at any business parking lot.
  4. No parking in Handicap parking spots (without a valid permit) and fire-lanes.
  5. No blocking any car, driveway, exit or entry points of ICB parking lot.
  6. No parking on grass or sidewalks in ICB parking lot.

  1. We kindly request that parking in the lot be available for the elderly and for those with small children (5 years or younger) on first come first serve basis. If you are able to park and walk please go to one the overflow parking areas.
  2. To allow parking spaces for those arriving for the next prayer, please depart the ICB Parking lot as follows:
    • If praying with the 1st Prayer depart by 9:00 AM
    • If praying with the 2nd Prayer depart by 10:45 AM
If you plan to stay longer then you should park in an overflow parking area.

OVERFLOW Parking is allowed at the following areas:
  1. Prime 131 Restaurant (no parking in area marked for their employees)
  2. Camp Chickami across from the Farm Stand
  3. Along Pine Brook Road (only on right side)
  4. Along Rich Valley road and other side streets off of it. Please take extra care and do not block any entrances and in anyway that will inconvenience our neighbors.