ICB Wayland

Sunday School

Course of Study:

Class Structure:

The school material is organized in three sequences with each sequence divided into eleven levels. The students cover one level each year as they are promoted from one grade to the next. The three sequences are:

1 Religion Compulsory
2 Arabic Language Elective
3 Quranic Reading Elective

Every student has to enroll for two sequences: Religion which is compulsory for every one and either the Arabic language or the Quranic reading. The choice of elective is made in the first grade and is generally adhered to throughout the duration of the stay in the school. All children in Kindergarten take the same introductory course for Arabic.

Religion Sequence:

The Religion sequence starts with an introductory syllabus specially designed by the International Islamic Institute of Thought USA for young children. The syllabus for the next eight levels is structured around a series of eight books, which serve as the course anchors. Additional supplemental texts are specified for each level to provide the teachers with additional material to add more depth and breadth to the course contents. The ninth and tenth years of the religion sequence also uses a main text along with a couple of supplemental books but is organized more as a series of interactive seminars and group discussions for more mature students.

Arabic Language Sequence:

The Arabic language sequence offers an eleven year integrated program for studying Arabic specially tailored to the needs of children learning Arabic as a second language. In addition the emphasis is on using teaching materials, which are deliberately designed to emphasize the learning of words and constructs which can facilitate the reading and understanding of the Quran. Again this program is closely tied to a set of textbook, which are used as course anchors and which ensure a consistent style of teaching throughout.

Quranic Reading Sequence:

The Quranic reading sequence is an alternate program, which primarily emphasizes the development of ability to read and understand the Quran. Students can opt for this alternative when they go to the first grade after finishing Kindergarten. It comprises of two parts The first part is spread over 7 years in which for the first five years the students gradually progress through Yassarnal Quran to the last surahs of the Quran. For the remaining two years they learn to read the Quran directly and their progress is monitored individually. During this sequence emphasis is placed on learning the meanings of commonly used words in the Quran in addition to being able to read the Quran. At the end of the 7th year the students can either continue to read Quran individually or they can switch over to a three-year sequence of Tafseer.

Teaching Material:

Choice and selection of the textbooks for the three course sequences has been given a lot of though and careful consideration. Every grade level in the three sequences is assigned a set of main, supplementary, home study and reference books. All students are expected to have the main textbook as well as the books needed for home study. The supplementary textbooks provide additional material to increase the depth and breadth of the subject. Students may or may not be required to have these books depending on teacher discretion. Reference books are primarily for use by teachers and are available in the school library and are primarily for the use of the teachers for covering additional materials. In addition the teachers can also make use of the reference texts which are available in the school as and when they need.