ICB Wayland

Sunday School

Class Notes and Homework 2017-18:

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Subject Teachers Email
  Arabic KG-A   Noura Guermazi   ArabicKG-A@icbwayland.org
  Arabic KG-B   Hanane Haoulani   ArabicKG-B@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 1   Souad Harrati   Arabic1@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 2   Zainab Alsubai   Arabic2@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 3   Janet Atiyyat   Arabic3@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 4   T. B.   Arabic4@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 5   Amira Quraishi / Sadiq Reza   Arabic5@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 6   Rachida Kebichi   Arabic6@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 7   Mayada Najim   Arabic7@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 8   Reem Abuhamdeh   Arabic8@icbwayland.org
  Arabic 9 and 10   Louissa Abdelghany   Arabic9@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 1   Tooba Gilani   Quranic1@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 2   Salik Siddiqui   Quranic2@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 3   Imran Yusuf   Quranic3@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 3/4   Hana Karim   Quranic3-B@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 4   Hafeza Asmal   Quranic4@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 5   Nadia Aljam   Quranic5@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 6   Samra Tajdi   Quranic6@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 7   Ameenah Enayati   Quranic7@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 8   Masood Sheikh   Quranic8@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 9   Fahad Gilani   Quranic9@icbwayland.org
  Quranic Reading 10   Lamiae Mrabet   Quranic10@icbwayland.org
  Religion KG-A   Saima Huseni   ReligionKG-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion KG-B   Almas Hasan   ReligionKG-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 1A   Farhana Mirza   Religion1-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 1B   Hira Atiq   Religion1-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 2A   Habib Rahman   Religion2-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 2B   Fareda Isaacs   Religion2-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 3A   Ismat Hafiza   Religion3-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 3B   Saira Yunus   Religion3-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 4A   Muneeza Hussain   Religion4-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 4B   Rabih Shanshiry   Religion4-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 5A   Bilkish Patel   Religion5-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 5B   Tanzila Habib   Religion5-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 6A   Masarath Haque   Religion6-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 6B   Ikram Farooqi   Religion6-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 7A   Majedah Taliep   Religion7-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 7B   Manal Darwesh   Religion7-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 8A   Masood Sheikh   Religion8-A@icbwayland.org
  Religion 8B   Zaid Ashai   Religion8-B@icbwayland.org
  Religion 9   Farah Abbas   Religion9@icbwayland.org
  Religion 10   Shehla Syed   Religion10@icbwayland.org