ICB Wayland

Sunday School

Admission to ICB Sunday School is open to all students in KG to 12th Grade. 11th and 12th Grade students register as Teaching Assistants for a class of their interest.

  • The minimum enrollment age into the school is five years as of September 1st of the current school year.
  • Payment is due at the time of registration. Payment plan and Financial Aid is available. Payment can be made by check or cash.
  • Late registration fee of $100 is charged for registration done in September.
  • RETURNING PARENTS NEED TO RE-REGISTER THEIR CHILDREN. A space cannot be guaranteed until the registration forms are completed and signed and fees are paid.

Registration for School Year 2018-2019

  • New students admissions start on March 18th, 2018
  • Existing students registrations start on April 1st, 2018.

    Following is an outline of the requirements and procedures for admission to ICB Wayland Sunday School.
    1. This year the enrollments for families new to ICB will Inshallah begin on March 18th, 2018 at 10:30am. The enrollments for existing families will Inshallah begin on April 1st, 2018. We will continue the enrollments each Sunday from 10:30am -12:00pm until May 13, 2018.
    2. If you are a New Parent you are required to attend one of the New Parent Information Sessions which will be held in the prayer hall at 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:45am, and 12:15pm on March 18th, 2018. If you missed these sessions, please let our Registration Personnel know that you have not had a chance to attend the New Parent Information Session. These Information Sessions are important and are put together to give you an overview of school's working and expectations. Through the presentation in the information session, you will get a snap shot of our school's mission and ideology, and you will be able to ask any unanswered questions.
    3. Registration for families new to ICB Wayland Sunday School has three parts to it: Application Forms, School Fee Checks, and Parents and Student Interview. All children new to Sunday school need to be interviewed. Please read the section below on Tuition Fees and Payment Procedures and note that all checks are required at the time of registration. Registration is not considered complete if any of these three parts is missing. Incomplete applications with missing paper work or payment checks, without an interview cannot be processed. We do not cash the checks until the admission is confirmed but postdated checks are a requirement for admission/registration.
    4. We strive to ensure a successful partnership between the school and the families here. For this reason the school will assess if the values and the requirements of the school are aligned with that of the families applying for admission.
    5. For KG admission, minimum age as of Sept 1, 2018 needs to be 5 years. (Evidence of age will be needed at the time of enrollment. Evidence to support the age could be birth certificate, passport, etc.). Only children born in 2012 and 2013 will be eligible to apply for KG. Please bring the document with you when you come for Registration.
    6. Our school offers 2 options for the 1st period class: Quranic Arabic OR Arabic language. All children attend Religion class in the 2nd period. The Quranic Arabic curriculum teaches the basics of reading the Quran, while the Arabic language curriculum focuses on the spoken language. However, this differentiation starts only at 1st grade level. If you are applying for KG, you do not need to decide now, as KG offers no distinct QA and Arabic - they are combined.
    7. All new parents and new students are required to meet with the principal (Parent and Student Interview). If you are requesting admission to any other grade but KG your child will need to be evaluated by the principal or vice principal (at time of registration). This evaluation is in addition to the interview and is done to ensure your child(ren) is/are placed in the appropriate grade level. Admission to KG will not need an evaluation but the interview will still take place.
    8. ICB Wayland Sunday School gives priority to siblings of our existing school students at all grade levels including KG.
    9. Filling in the registration form and completing the registration procedure (including check submission) does not guarantee admission to ICB Wayland Sunday School. Please wait to hear from us with the admission confirmation. For KG only, confirmation emails will be sent out by the end of July. For all other grades, confirmation will be sent by end of August to second week of September (at the start of the new school year).
    10. Please know that sometimes the spots become available shortly after the beginning of the school year and for that reason we keep the applications active until end of September. If we were unable to offer spot(s) to your child(ren) by the end of September, the check(s) will be returned to you. If, after applying to ICB Wayland Sunday School, you have found an alternative, we request that you let us know sooner rather than later. We would like to offer the spot to someone on our waitlist and will send you the checks back when we hear from you.

    Tuition Fees and Payment Procedure:
    1. The school fees for ICB Members are $800 for one child and $825 for up to two children for the entire year. For the third child onwards, $175.00 per child is added to the above mentioned fees. This total also includes the Center Membership dues and is more economical than being School Parent without Center Membership.
    2. We offer two payment options. Option 1 is the payment of the entire school fee through one check dated June 1st 2018. Option 2 is to pay the amount in three checks dated June 1st 2018, September 1st 2018 and December 1st 2018. The amounts will be provided at the time of registration. Though Option 2 is divided between three payments, all three checks are required to be submitted at the time of registration and do not include any extra charges.
    3. Upon your child(ren)'s admission to the Sunday school, these checks will be cashed and we will send you a confirmation email.
    4. In case you decide to withdraw your child after admission has been granted, center membership fee will not be reimbursed and a prorated amount will be reimbursed.

    If you have any questions, please email us at viceprincipal@icbwayland.org. Once again, we thank you for your interest in the ICB Wayland Sunday School.

    Tabassum Huseni
    Vice Principal
    ICB Wayland Sunday School