ICB Wayland


ICB Wayland is partnering with local Muslim charities (Ansar of Worcester, Helping Hands, and ICNA Relief) and local refugee resettlement agencies (Ascentria Care Alliance, Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center, and the International Institute of New England) to help with the resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan within Massachusetts.

ICB Wayland has identified the following three most impactful ways our members can help:

  1. MONETARY GIFT: The fastest and easiest way to help the Afghan refugees is to provide a monetary gift. Your gift will help meet those financials needs of the refugees that are not covered by the federal government or the resettlement agencies, which are quite significant for those starting over from at most a suitcase of clothes. If you like to donate to this cause, please click Donate to support:

  2. IN-KIND DONATIONS: ICB Wayland is organizing two separate in-kind donation collections.
    • Ansar of Worcester Collection for winter coats, hats, and gloves on October 22nd and 23rd from 12:00-2:00 pm at ICB Wayland. See Ansar of Worcester Flyer for items to donate.
    • ICNA Relief Collection for household and baby items is on November 5th and 6th from 12:00-3:00 pm at ICB Wayland. See ICNA Relief Flyer for items to donate.
    Please do not bring or leave items other than the times above. We do not have space to store and will have to discard those.

  3. VOLUNTEER: ICB Wayland needs volunteers to help. Currently, we are trying to compile a list of those interested in volunteering their time and/or resources. Please email us at SupportRefugee@icbwayland.org and indicate your area of interest. Here are some of the current volunteer needs identified:
    1. Provide cultural and/or religious sensitivity training to our surrounding towns/churches.
    2. Provide driving services to the Afghan refugees.
    3. English language tutoring services.
    4. Help plan and execute customized social and religious events for Afghan refugees.
    5. Translation in Pushton and Darri.
    6. Provide resources for Muslim food.
    7. Sunday School for the kids and Youth programs for 13-18.
    8. Provide discounted or free services to help these families such as dental services or medical advice.