ICB Wayland

Friday Prayers - Limited Service During COVID

We are Alhamdulilah open for in-person Friday prayers but with the following precautions in place: 

  1. Vaccine requirement (thank you to those who have submitted their vaccine information already). We require full vaccination in order to enter the Center.
  2. Mandatory use of masks (cloth masks not recommended as evidence suggests they cause spread rather than protect)
  3. Strongly recommend bringing your prayer rug
  4. Please do your ablution (wudhu) prior to arrival to minimize congestion in the restrooms
  5. If you have tested positive for Covid, or have symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT COME!

Khutba starts at 1:00 PM and Iqamah at 1:30 PM, Insha Allah.

The following khateebs are scheduled for the next few weeks. Please note, occasionally a khateeb may change at the last minute and this page may not reflect that change.
Feb 10, 2023 Imam Ismail Fenni
Feb 17, 2023 Dr. Saleem Khanani
Feb 24, 2023 Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni
Mar 3, 2023 Imam Talal Eid

Parking for Friday Prayers