ICB Wayland


How many visitors can we bring in our group?
On a Sunday or Friday visit, we can accommodate up to 25 people. Sometimes we may combine two visiting groups. If you are making a special arrangement to bring a public or private school or college group on another day, we have much greater capacity as there are no other people at the Center.

What should we wear to the Center?
You should dress respectfully, as you would when visiting any house of worship. For both men and women, clothing that covers the arms and legs is recommended; for example, long pants or long skirts. If they like, women and girls may bring a scarf to cover their heads when entering the prayer hall.

Are we required to take our shoes off?
Yes, but only for the part of the tour when you will observe the prayers in the prayer hall. The prayer hall is carpeted, so no shoes are worn inside. The rest of the Center has a tiled floor, so wearing warm socks is a smart move during cold weather.

What do we do while the congregation prays?
We will have chairs available for your group on one side of the prayer hall. You may stay seated and do not need to stand up during the service. When the prayers are over, your host will meet you and take you back to the classroom.

Are we allowed to bring cell phones?
You may bring your cell phone, but please turn it off or to vibrate before entering the Prayer Hall to observe the prayer.

What should we expect during our visit?
You will be met outside the Center by your tour guide. He or she will bring you to a classroom, where you will all sit together and learn a bit about our religion, about the Muslim community in New England, and what activities happen at our Center. Then you will be led to the prayer hall to observe a congregational prayer. After the prayer your group will have time to return to the classroom for a question and answer opportunity.

Are we allowed to take photos?
You may take photos out in front of the Center, as many visiting groups do. You may also take photos of the prayer hall before people gather for the congregational prayer.

Can we come back another day with more guests?
Yes. You can book another visit through our online form.

Are there other opportunities to visit?
Once a year in the fall we have an Open House on a Saturday where we offer lectures about the basics of Islam, educational materials and films, and tours. Please watch our web site for the exact fall date each year.

Do men and women pray together?
The prayer space in our mosque is a single large room where everyone prays. Men form lines in the front half of the room and women form lines in the back half. Other mosques may have different layouts in their prayer spaces, such as a divider down the middle of the room, or a balcony for one gender, or two different rooms.

Where should we park? Are buses allowed?
ICB has a large parking lot, but it on Sundays it may be full if you arrive at 12:30, or on Fridays between 1 and 2pm. If there are no available parking spaces in our lot when you arrive, there is overflow parking available at Temple Shir Tikva across the street, a little further west on Route 20. Large buses cannot park in our parking lot, but can drop off passengers, and park elsewhere, on a side street.

May we contact a specific person for a tour because he/she hosted us before?
Yes, but rather than emailing them directly, please request the person by name when you fill out the form.