ICB Wayland

A Brief Timeline

Creation of Adam and Eve
4,000 years ago Abraham’s Ordeal attempting to sacrifice his eldest son Ishmael. Abraham & his son Ishmael built the first house of worship, THE KAABA, to worship the One God.

Isaac, Moses, and other prophets, including Jesus - spreading the Message of Islam to believe in the One God. (Revelations: The Torah [The Tawrat] & The Bible [The Injil]). Pagan era, people worshipping the Prophets as their Lord. The Kaaba became the center of Idol Worshipping.

570 C.E. Birth of Muhammad (pbuh) in Makkah

610 C.E. God choose Muhammad (pbuh) to be His Last Messenger and revealed the first 5 verses of the Qur’an through Angel Gabriel in the cave of Hira. This was the beginning of the Qur’anic Revelations. Muhammad (pbuh) started preaching to believe in the One God.

620 C.E. Muhammad (pbuh) ascended to heaven from the area of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (Qur'an 17:1).

622 C.E. Non-believers tried to kill Muhammad (pbuh). He left Makkah & migrated to Madina. This marks as the Beginning of the New Islamic Era. The Islamic calendar starts with this event of Hijra (migration). Foundation of the first Islamic State & Community Building of the Mosque of the Prophet.

623 C.E. Muhammad (pbuh) made a written agreement with the Jews of Madina, defining the rights and duties of both the Jews and Muslims. It was the first written constitution of the world, which showed that Muslims respect other people’s religions and their rights.

Muhammad (pbuh) dictated letters for the kings and rulers of Rome, Persia, Egypt, Ethiopia & several other rulers and chiefs, inviting them to worship none but God.

630 C.E. Muhammad (pbuh) liberated the City of Makkah, purified the Kaaba from idol worshipping and re-dedicated it for the worship of the One God forever.

632 C.E. A) God’s complete and final guidance, the Qur’anic Revelations were completed.
B) The Prophet made his Farewell Pilgrimage, delivered his last sermon, which is truly the first declaration of human rights. God sent His revelation informing Muhammad (pbuh) about the completion of his mission. "This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen Islam as your way of life."
C) The Prophet came back to Madina, spent most of his time in prayer and in a few weeks died.

633-661 C.E. The four "Righteous Caliphs (Leaders)" Period During this period Islam spread to Egypt, North Africa & later as far as France and China, virtually the entire known world.

637 C.E. The second Leader of Islam, Omar, entered Jerusalem peacefully. Built a mosque over the rock believed to be the point of Prophet Muhammad’s ascent to heaven. On this site, in 687, Khalifa Malik Marwan built the magnificent structure now called the "Dome of the Rock" located within "Al Aqsa Mosque" complex.

A Century of Islam in America

1717 Arrival of Arabic-speaking slaves in North America, who did not eat pork and believed in Allah & Prophet Muhammad, later they were forced to follow their masters’ religion, Christianity.

Late 1800s & 1900s Muslims began to migrate & start forming Islamic associations.

1930 Revival in African-American community, birth of Nation of Islam Movement - since its doctrines were in sharp contrast to the mainstream Islam - later it dissolved and came under the fold of Islam. 1964 - Malcolm X’s conversion from ‘Nation of Islam’ to mainstream Islam.

1934 First building designated as a mosque, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa