ICB Wayland

Sunday School


Class Structure:

ICB Sunday School offers grades kindergarten through tenth grade and all students are required to attend two classes each Sunday:

  1. Arabic Language or Quranic Reading (1 hour class)
  2. Religion (1 hour class)

Arabic Language and Quranic Reading:

Beginning in the first grade level, families chose between two tracks for their child’s first period class: Arabic Language or Quranic Reading. The Arabic Language track develops a familiarity and appreciation for the Arabic language, while the Quranic Reading track focuses on the development of love and appreciation for the Qur’an. Both the Arabic Language and Quranic Reading tracks include Surah memorization and English meaning as a part of their curriculum.


The goal of the Religion class is to develop confident and compassionate American Muslims. This is achieved by cultivating an emotional and intellectual attachment to Islam, fostering friendships and social support networks and encouraging parents to reinforce at home what is learned at school. Our classes have a particular focus on the classroom experience with group activities and student-centered learning.